On this snowy day in March, I would like to give you all another update.

Lenten Spark Retreat

Last call for anyone sitting on the fence to come to our Lenten Spark retreat, a time to share our lives and faith as well as to explore different avenues of Catholic spirituality. There will be Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, 2 reflections (one by yours truly about renewing our love of healthcare and the second by our own Deacon Dr. Dave Grambow on being a deacon doctor), small group sharing, and a practicum on contemplative prayer by Jennifer Christ. All for only $10, including breakfast and lunch. Please call 414-259-6310 to reserve your spot, though if you decide at the last minute to come, we will take walk-ins.

The retreat is at San Camillo 10200 W BlueMound Rd. and starts at 8, ending at by 1.

Wisconsin Medical Society House of Delegates

The WMS HOD meeting is Saturday-Sunday April 1-2. Resolutions are already published and members can make comments. Anyone who is not a delegate, I URGE YOU TO DO SO. In particular, resolution 209 is another attempt to change WMS policy on physician assisted suicide from “against” to “neutral”, but would also make it WMS policy that a physician who refuses MUST find someone who will. Tell them to leave it like it is.

Also, resolutions 110 instructs “the AMA to study the implications of the increasing prevalence of religiously affiliated healthcare systems…and the impact on safe patient care.” And 111 is based on a bill that will (again) come before the legislature that states that Catholic hospitals must allow physicians who wish to go against the ERDs in regards to “women’s health”, including abortion, the right to do so. And if this law were to pass constitutional muster, you can be sure that physician assisted suicide (assuming it ever becomes the law of the land) would be included.

Board Meeting

Our next board meeting is Monday May 23rd 7PM at San Camillo in the Rose Bagozzi room. If anyone has anything they wish to add to our agenda, please email me.

As we get closer to the meeting, I will be emailing out an agenda.

Annual Picnic

Frank and Krishna have again generously opened their home on Okauchee Lake, Nashotah, Wisconsin on Saturday July 23rd from 2-8PM. We have also invited the other guilds to join us and I am hoping to have Mass as well. We’ll have a picnic and barbecue. Swimming is available and you can bring the whole family!

More details to follow.

White Mass

Our next White Mass honoring the feast of St. Luke will be Tuesday October 18th at Christ the King Church in Wauwatosa. Archbishop Listecki will be the presider. There will be a reception to follow. Our speaker will be John Grabowski. Dr. Grabowski is a theologian who was at the last Synod on the Family in Rome and will speak to us about his experience.

Human Dignity at the End of Life Conference

Our next end of life conference will be held Saturday November 12th on the theme of suffering. We are in the process of firming up our speakers and, once they are know, I will let you all know.

Dues Due

I am sure you all got your notice earlier this week about our dues. Your financial help keeps us going. Also, all board members must also be members of the national CMA per our bylaws, so if you haven’t renewed, do so. I would encourage everyone else to be a national member as well.

Wisconsin Guilds

The Wisconsin Guilds are sponsoring a table at the WI capital in Madison in May promoting our pro-life work.

Our director, Robin Goldsmith, is being recognized as activist of the year by Pro-life WI at their annual dinner in Appleton.

Odds and Ends

In an attempt to make people aware that we even exist (!), I am trying to sponsor a table for the following:

WI Right to Life Education Dinner Thursday April 28th at the WI Center in Milwaukee from 5-9. The speaker is Tucker Carlson, a journalist and political commentator. Tickets are $125/person, a portion is tax deductible.

Women’s Support Center: Celebrate! Life Banquet Saturday, April 9th starting at 5PM. The speaker is Jason Jones, a producer of the movie Cresendo, which raises money for pregnancy help centers. He was also involved in the movie Bella and The Stoning of Soraya M. Tickets are $60/person, free for priests/religious.

Since time is of the essence, please get back to me by next Friday, March 11th for either of these.

I wish you all a blessed Lent (almost half over!) and a joyous Easter.

Cindy Jones-Nosacek