Hope you all had a blessed Easter and looking forward into Spring!  Happy mother’s day to all of us mothers!

Just another newsletter to update everyone about what has been going on with our guild and future updates.

Board Meeting

Our next board meeting is Monday May 23 at 7PM at San Camillo.  I will be sending out an agenda soon.  If anyone has anything that needs to be discussed, please contact me.  We are here to serve our members and I want to be sure that we do.

Meeting with the Archbishop

On March 5, the board of the Milwaukee Guild met with Archbishop Listecki for an informative meet and greet.  The meeting went very well.  He is interested in helping us get the word out about our guild.  We also offered our services in any way that he might need us.

He also told us that if we see anything that we think might go against the Catholic hospital ethical directives to contact him and Fr. Javier Bustos.

WI Medical Society House of Delegates

The WMS again voted to continue its opposition against physician assisted suicide.  It also voted to be neutral on the Women’s Reproductive Rights Act, a bill which if passed, would force Catholic Hospitals to allow abortions if a physician wished to perform them, place severe restrictions on pro-life protests outside abortion facilities, and overturn all abortion restrictions in this state.  While opposition would be better, being neutral means that if this bill ever came up, the WMS will be silent.
Other resolutions included organ donation.  Since there appeared to be several definitions of what was meant by “terminal organ donation,” I added an amendment which passed stating that this could be done as long as it did not directly cause the death of the patient.  Finally, a resolution requesting an AMA investigation into how “religiously-affiliated, ie Catholic, hospitals are denying care” was changed to asking the “AMA conduct a study of access to care in secular and religiously affiliated hospitals to include any impact on access to services in consolidation in secular and religiously-affiliated hospital systems”.
I am very grateful to the other pro-life doctors who attended and made their voices respectfully heard.  As long as the board of the WMS knows that they would lose a substantial number of physicians on certain matters, they will try to be as neutral as possible.  Also, students and residents fill their delegate slots more that physicians in practice, so they have a disproportionate influence on policy.  Hopefully, if more prolife physicians are willing to come to the annual meeting, the more we can influence policy.  As the saying goes: “The world belongs to those who show up!”

Lenten Spark

Our first annual Lenten retreat was held.  The consensus of those who attended was that there is a need.  San Camillus also wants to sponsor more regular get togethers for healthcare workers.  I am awaiting further word.

End of Life Conference

Unfortunately, due to construction at the San Camillus campus, we will not have a conference this year.  There has been interest with our state leaders with other groups for doing the same thing.  I will inform you all as it develops.

White Mass October 18th

Our annual White Mass is Tuesday October 18th.  Arch Listecki  presiding.  Our speaker will be Dr. John Grambowski who will give us an insider’s look at the Synod on the Family.
Save the date!

Guild Picnic

Our annual guild picnic will be held Saturday afternoon July 23rd at Frank and Krishna’s.  Mass will be provided by our own Fr. Bill Kurz.  The rest of the WI guilds have been invited as well.  Details to follow over the next few weeks.

Dues DUE!

Final warning.  This is your last newsletter if you do not pay your dues.  We depend on your support to survive and continue our programs.  Please contact Todd Miller our treasurer at [email protected]
It is a pleasure to serve as your president.  I hope you all have an enjoyable May.
Cindy Jones-Nosacek, MD
President Milwaukee Guild CMA