I never thought I would be writing another newsletter so soon, but so much has happened, that I want to keep everyone in the loop.

CMA Picnic: Save the Date!

Krishna and Frank have again generously offered their home (on a lake!) for our annual picnic. It will be on Sunday July 19th. Further details to follow.

Thanks Krishna and Frank!

Board Meeting

The more we do, the more we need to meet. I am tentatively hoping to have a board meeting in May, before we all scatter for the summer. If those on the board could send me any dates that they absolutely cannot make (and I’m guessing Memorial Day will be one of them).

Men of Christ Conference

Being at the MOC conference was a big success. Thanks to Jim Linn’s, Andy Brayer’s and my husband Dcn Gary’s help, we were able to get the word out about our Guild. We handed out all our information including doctors in practice and applications for membership. It was also a chance to network with other Catholic organizations, including the Thomas Moore Society who has said they might need our help dealing with pregnant women who are addicted to heroin.

White Mass

While St. Camillus has said they will help us with hosting our annual White Mass, we haven’t locked down the time, but are planning on doing it the day before the feast of St. Luke (10/17) since the actual feast day falls on a Sunday.

However, we should start vetting speakers for the meal (probably brunch) afterwards. Any thoughts about topics?/speaker? I will also need someone to volunteer to help us find a celebrant (or celebrants) for the Mass. Of course, my husband will help and I hope our own Deacon/Dr. Dave Grambow will be available as well.

End of Life Conference

While at the MOC conference, the people from St. Camillus, Pro-life WI, St. Ann’s, and Catholics4Life decided to do an end of life conference, tentatively in November. I agreed in the name of our Guild to be sponsors as well. Again, any suggestions for topics/speakers would be appreciated.

Hippocratic Oath Dinner

I know, I know, we’re all knee deep in Lent and preparing for Easter. But the date is just 5 weeks away for the Hippocratic Oath Dinner. I am repeating the information for all of you again.

MCOW students have planned this year’s Hippocratic Oath Dinner. It is Wednesday 4/29. Reception is 6:30 and dinner at 7. It is at the medical college. $40/person. Let’s show strong support for our pro-life med students! If you haven’t received an invitation, email Lauren E Weasler [email protected]. The speaker is Stephen McCurdy, MD MPH,Professor & Director of the UC-Davis Master of Public Health Program.

Wisconsin Medical Society House of Delegates Meeting

For all of you who are members of the Wisconsin Medical Society, they are now accepting comments on the various proposed policies. Please make your voice heard. While I don’t know if you can still be a delegate, you can come to the meeting and comment if you wish as well.

State Guild News

As Guild presidents, we are sending a letter to the WI Med Society and the legislators, giving our approval to a recent change in the state Medicaid rules where a fetus diagnosed with a “lethal” abnormality is no longer automatically approved for an abortion. For those who are interested, I have included the draft as I wrote it (but so far no corrections/additions/complaints/etc. ).

We will also be sending to the legislature sometime in the next month a letter stating our opposition to a bill allowing physician assisted suicide in this state.


Summit Educational Association is having a Gala Wednesday, April 22 with Dr. Ben Carson (pro-life pediatric neuro-surgeon) is the guest speaker. This organization helps inner-city youth with a mentoring/tutoring program based on character development. For further information, check their website at www.summitea.org.

Christine Zainer, a member of our guild, helped co-author an article. Reference below:

Again, I am happy to pass on any article, letter to the editor, etc that you publish as long as it is faithful to our core values. Same goes for speaking engagements.