Another month, another letter.

New Member!

Dr. Mary Grace Lasquety, a family physician who has recently joined my group, has just joined our Gulild! We now have 24 members. 11 active, 5 retired, 3 clergy (though Dr. Dcn Dave Grambow could count under here as well), and 4 associate.

Board Meeting

We will be having another board meeting Thursday May 7 at 7PM at St. Camillus. Business will be about our new website, plans for future events, and clarifications regarding board membership among other things. St. Camillus will be providing the refreshments, and considering their past culinary endeavors, that alone is worth coming to the meeting.

If anyone has any other business that they feel the board should cover, please email me at [email protected]

State Guild Activities

I was recently involved in a group phone meeting with the state guild. We sent a letter to the WMS protesting ACOG WI putting in the packets their complaint about T19 no longer covering abortions for so called fatal fetal anomalies. We are also in the process of getting a letter sent to both state houses stating our opposition to changes in the law that would permit physician assisted suicide.

St Camillus Meeting

Jim Linn, Marissa Beffel, my husband Dcn Gary, and myself met with the leadership team of St Camillus (and had an excellent breakfast as well). They are very eager to build a relationship with our group and have offered their assistance, including managing our email list, for free! More about our joint activities below:

White Mass

It has come to my attention that Saturday October 17th, the day before the feast of St. Luke, is filling up fast. The archdiocese has a planned fundraiser for Catholic schools in the morning and ProLife WI is doing one at the Harley Museum in the evening. I am worried that trying to do our Mass on this day might be too much.

St. Camillus has offered to do the White Mass as part of their Sunday liturgy 9:30 Sunday morning. They also had 2 suggested speakers. One is Fr. Dr. Scott Binet who is one of our founding members (my choice). If he is not available, one of their members is studying theology at Marquette and can give a talk on why the anthropology of Jesus means we must be pro-life. I need to get back to them soon, so if anyone has any strong opinions, please speak up by next Monday.

Chrism Mass

Speaking of Masses, our own Dr. Dcn. Dave Grambow was the Deacon of the Word at the Chrism Mass for the archdiocese Holy Week. Dcn Gary Nosacek was one of the deacons of the Cup, and I was honored and humbled to be asked to carry in the oil to be blessed by our archbishop for the anointing of the sick (even he thought it was appropriate).

Last Call for Hippocratic Oath Dinner

MCOW students have planned this year’s Hippocratic Oath Dinner. It is Wednesday 4/29. Reception is 6:30 and dinner at 7. It is at the medical college. $40/person. Let’s show strong support for our pro-life med students! If you haven’t received an invitation, email Lauren E Weasler [email protected]. The speaker is Stephen McCurdy, MD MPH,Professor & Director of the UC-Davis Master of Public Health Program.

Wisconsin Coalition Against Physician Assisted Suicide

While we don’t have a formal name yet, Barbara Lyons is collecting a group of people to form a coalition. I was asked personally and as Guild president to be a member. Our first order of business is to work on defeating (again) resolutions put forth at the Congress of Delegates for the Wisconsin Medical Society (to which 60% of state physicians belong) to support physician assisted suicide, one of which specifically would threaten the license of anyone who would not comply but then refuse to refer to someone to do the deed. The Congress meets next weekend.

Our next order of business will be working with the state legislature about preventing passage of a pro-PAS bill.

Save These Dates

Annual picnic Sunday July 19th at Krishna and Frank’s home (on a lake!) for our annual picnic.

End of Life Conference Saturday November 14th. An all day affair. St. Camillus and Pro-Life WI are sponsoring this as well among other groups who have shown interest. More information to follow (our first meeting is next Tuesday).

Other Events Around the State

St. Camillus is having an open house (including brunch) this Sunday from 12-2. There will be a Mass preceding it at 11.

The Lacrosse Guild is having an event Christ Here and Now: Liturgy of the Hours and the Sanctification of Time Sunday May 2 at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe from 3:30 to 7. Cost is $35 and includes dinner.

Well that’s it for now. This looks to be a monthly thing, but that’s good. Forward this on to anyone else who might be interested in our doings. And don’t forget to look for new members. The more of us there are, the light the load for everyone and the more we can do.

God bless you all.

Your beloved president,
Cindy Jones-Nosacek