As we head into fall, I want to bring to you another update. This is actually #5 (apparently I skipped a number).

“Eggs Benedict”, HIV, and the Facts

While the Milwaukee Art Museum promotes “Eggs Benedict”, we had a forceful response by our own Christine Zainer at their forum (and apparently the only one who was willing to use facts instead of condoms).
Keep this in mind. While the Washington Post and others laud countries such as Malawi for their “progressive” response to the Aids epidemic and the fact that this country lowed its HIV rate from 13% to (drum roll please-insert sarcasm font-) 10%. Contrast this with the Ugandan ABC program (with emphasis on Abstinence and Being faithful, Condoms only if you can’t do A or B) which lowered its HIV rate from a high as much as 30% (pregnant women in Kampala) or15% (Wikipedia) to just over 6% in 2005 (liberal media insert your yawn here). While the rate in Uganda has risen since (to 7.4%), it is still a lower rate than their “progressive” neighbor.

White Mass

Our annual White Mass will be held Sunday 10/18 at 9:30 at the San Camillo Campus. Breakfast to follow. Dr. Kevin Miller from Steubenville will give a talk entitled: “Serving the Gospel of Life: Theological Meaning and Health-Care Applications”.
Please join us for a time of faith and fellowship.


Our website is up and running. You will soon be receiving a instructions on how to sign on as a member. Our newsletter will be in the regular website, but members only can see our board meeting minutes and other useful information. Our address is
Thanks to Theresa Pardoe for her contacts in getting this done!

National CMA Meeting and WI Guilds Dinner

I hope all of you are at least considering going to the national CMA meeting in Philadelphia. I will be representing our guild as a delegate. Once I get a copy of the proposed resolutions, I will pass them on to all of you for your input.
Also, for those who are going, members of all the WI Guilds are invited to a dinner at Maggiono’s on Thursday October 1. Please email Stephen Pavela at [email protected] by 9/10 so he can give them the final numbers. I believe the cost will be $42.95 +20% event fee + tax for a family style dinner. Alcohol is extra.

Guild Tables

In an attempt to get our name out (and have a good time as well) without having the Guild spend money, I would like our members to get together to form a table for the following functions:

Eyewitness for Life “Visualize the Option” breakfast Saturday 10/10 at Dariens Banquet and Conference Center in Menomonee Falls. Breakfast at 8, with a talk at 9. No fee to attend, but of course, they want to inspire everyone who comes to give. (Eyewitness for Life offers free ultrasounds for pregnant women and is a resource for those crisis pregnancy centers who did not have that ability)

Pro-Live WI Auction Dinner Saturday 10/17 at the Harley-Davidson Museum. They will feature Abby Johnson, the former Planned Parenthood director who experienced a profound conversion to the Gospel of Life. $75 per person, but if we can get a table of 10, the cost drops to $70. Silent Auction starts at 5 with dinner at 7.

Birthright Annual Dinner Friday 11/13 at San Camillo. The speaker is our own Marissa Beffel who will give a talk titled “The Declaration of Independence and How the Founding Fathers Built ProLife into America” I will get back to you with the times. Birthright was the first crisis pregnancy center and I am proud to be on the board and medical director.

Human Dignity at the End of Life: The Vital Role of the Healthcare Provider

I am happy to announce our end of life conference that we are co-sponsoring with Saint Camillus Hospice, the Archdiocese through the Nazareth Project, and Pro-Life WI. Now that we have worked out the kinks, we are hoping to make this an annual event and a chance to show what we are FOR at the end of life, not just what we are against.

The keynote speaker will be Fr. Andrea Vincini, MD, SJ a pediatrician and moral theologian who give a talk titled “End of Life Care: The Role of Emotions”

Following, there will be a breakout session. The one for physicians will be given by Sr. Edith Mary Hart, DO a family physician who specializes in geriatrics who will talk about “End of Life Decisions: What Is a Doctor to Do?” For non-medical people, Marissa will be giving a talk “The Vital Rold of Medical Professionals Involved in Hospice Care” and Julie Grimstead (executive director of Life is Worth Living, Inc) “Truth: Why Patient Advocates Are Needed Desperately”

The last speaker will be Dr. Matthew Anderson, MD an ob/gyne whose talk is “Dusting Off the Hippocratic Oath in the 21st Century”.

It will start at 8:30 with registration and breakfast and end around 2 with Mass to follow. The cost is $50 for physicians and $30 for others with $15 for students. Clergy and religious are free. CME credits have been applied for Fr. Vincini, Sr. Hart, and Dr. Anderson’s talks. To register, you can go online at

Board Meeting

Our next board meeting will be Monday 9/21 7 PM at San Camillo on the Saint Camillus campus. All are welcome to join us.


Pro-Life Wi will be hosting a National Day of Remembrance at Holy Cross Cemetery Saturday 9/12 10 AM
Every Life Matters will be holding an end of life conference 10/1 at Florian Gardens in Eau Claire, WI from 8:30-2:30. Keynote speaker is Bobby Schindler, Jr, (Terri Shiavo’s brother). Cost is $50 and includes lunch.