Fall is here and I wanted to give everyone an update of all that has been going on.

Catholic Medical Association annual convention

The annual meeting in Philadelphia was a great success. While the weather was crummy for most of it, it just meant that no one was tempted not to go to the talks. Dealing with everything from pornography to strengthening marriages to crisis pregnancy centers to healing our culture, I wouldn’t have wanted to miss a single one. Our own Richard Fehring did a preconference NFP forum which was well attended.

After the conference, there was the delegate meeting. We voted to oppose the use of aborted fetal tissue, the Peoria protocol for rape (due to concerns that the present medications may have a postfertilization effect), the death penalty, and the POLST paradigm and support for conscience protection. When I received these proposals prior to the conference, I was told that they were confidential and not to be forwarded. After the meeting, I was told that next year, members will be allowed to look at proposed resolutions prior.

Next year’s conference will be in Washington, DC Oct 13-15th. Hope to see you there!

White Mass

For those of you who were unable to come to this year’s White Mass, you missed not only an excellent brunch but a great talk by Dr. Kevin Miller on “Serving the Gospel of Life”. I have asked him to send me a copy of his talk and will pass it on when he does.

Next year, the White Mass will be Tuesday 10/18. Archbishop Listeki will be our presider. Jim Linn and Richard Fehring have offered to be the point persons (with thanks from a very grateful president). More details to follow as we firm up our speaker and location. But save the date!

Eyewitness for Life Breakfast

Jim Linn and I represented our guild at the Eyewitness for Life breakfast. For those of you who couldn’t make it, they are having an open house 10/24 at 9AM with a 60 minute program. See how they save lives “two at a time” with their 3D ultrasound.

Jim also serves as their medical director.


I will be getting a table at the Women of Christ conference in West Bend 11/7. I will have an extra ticket for anyone who can help out.

End of Life Conference

Don’t forget to come to our end of life conference titled: “Human Dignity at the End of Life: The Vital Role of the Healthcare Professional” 11/14 starting at 9AM. We have a great line of speakers set up that can help anyone who has to deal with this issue, both from a medical and personal standpoint. Please register at stcamillusevents@stcam.com Some of the breakout sessions are already filling up.

I was also interviewed for Lydia LoCoco’s show on Relevant Radio about it. It will air next week at 9AM Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Birthright Table

I would like us to sponsor a table at the Birthright dinner Friday 11/13. Our own Marissa Beffel is the keynote speaker. Tickets are $50. Birthright has also said that we can have a display with our list of physicians there. Please contact me if you are interested [email protected]

Lenten Retreat

I am hoping to have a Lenten retreat for those who work in healthcare. The tentative date is Saturday morning March 5, the day before Laetare Sunday. It will be at San Camillo. Julie Mickelson has offered to help, and we could always use more volunteers. More details to follow.

Coalition Memberships

We have been asked and have joined various coalitions since the beginning of the year:
Wisconsin Coalition Against Physician Assisted Suicide
Health Without Hurting, a coalition of prolife groups working to ban unethical research
Conscience Coalition, a national group to work on conscience protection

I also testified last month in Madison on 2 senate bills . One to defund Planned Parenthood and the other to ban the use of aborted fetal tissue in research.

Time to Renew Your Membership!

Yes, everyone, it’s that time of year again. Time to renew your membership in our local guild. Don’t make me come after you. You can do it online at mwmedia.site/mgcma

And while you’re at it, ask a colleague to join. The more the merrier!

Physician Retreat

The Lacrosse Guild is having a physician retreat Friday and Saturday 11/6-11/7. Deadline is 10/30. Please register at

Save the Date

The Women’s Support Center is having their 6th annual Celebrate Life Banquet on Saturday April 9. I would love to have the guild sponsor a table for that event.

A Final Thought

One of the things I keep hearing is: “I know what the Catholic Church is against. But what is it FOR?” Dr. Miller was very emphatic in his talk that the Gospel of Life is more than what we’re against. To evangelize and build the culture of life, we must be known for what we are FOR.

So it’s not that we’re against abortion, we are FOR supporting women and men who need support not only during pregnancy but the years beyond. From those of us who take them as patients, to crisis pregnancy centers, to supporting legislation that helps them. For being there.

It’s not that we’re against physician assisted suicide, we are FOR hospice care, having the conversation with our patients when they are facing end of life decisions, for (as I always tell my patients) helping them live as full a life as possible with the time they have been given. For being there.

It’s not that we’re against contraception, we are FOR treating healthy women as healthy, respecting sex and sexuality within the context of both bonding and life giving, the total gift of self that can only occur when a man and a woman completely give themselves to each other. For being there.

And I hope that, as a Guild, that is what we will do.