Upholding the Principles of the Faith while Advancing the Profession of Medicine

The Milwaukee Guild is a chartered member of the Catholic Medical Association and we aim to help physicians grow in the spirit of Christ in their personal and professional lives, so they can bring His Spirit to the science and art of medicine.

Our guild is open to physicians and other healthcare professionals, as well as anyone who is interested in current issues in healthcare as they relate to our Catholic faith.

Recent Newsletters

October Newsletter 2021

Happy fall!  And we finally have weather to match. White Mass 2021 For those of you who missed the Mass and for those who were there, I have slide deck Transgender Care A Reality Check (Click to Download PDF) from Dr. Van Meter's talk that gives the (lack of) science...

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September Newsletter 2021

For students, welcome back to school!  For the rest of us, welcome to fall! Annual Picnic Thanks again to Dr. Jim Linn, our VP, for letting us invade his house for our picnic.  This has become a wonderful tradition for us to meet and greet.  I look forward to doing...

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January Newsletter 2021

Does anyone know if I can cancel my subscription to 2021? Only 2 weeks in and I’m not impressed. Welcome to ordinary time in these not so ordinary days. I know it's been more than 7 days, but I am already exhausted. But I have news to share. We have a new member!...

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