St. Dominic Parish 18255 W. Capitol Drive, Brookfield, WI, United States

Even though well-intentioned, advocacy for alternative priorities and goals in the practice of medicine – beyond simply the benefit to the individual patient – has led to an unfortunate loss […]


St. Mary’s Elm Grove Parish WI, United States

With the rapid rise in the reported prevalence of sex-discordant gender identity, there has been increasing demand for health professionals to provide medical interventions directed toward aligning the appearance of the body to an individual’s desired sex.  Dr. Hruz will critically assess the existing scientific evidence used to advocate for affirming one’s preferred gender, halting normally […]

The Four Levels of Happiness: How to Satisfy Our Deepest Desires

Christ King Parish Wauwatosa, WI, United States

If all human beings naturally desire happiness, why are so many chronically unhappy? What is authentic happiness for the Christian and how does it relate to pleasure and joy? Can happiness coexist with suffering? What is the relationship between psychological happiness and spiritual fulfillment? Fr. Rob Kroll, SJ will explore these and other questions based […]

$5 – $10

A Place of Communion: Authentic Pastoral Support for Those Impacted by Same Sex Attraction

Christ King Parish Wauwatosa, WI, United States

What does the Catholic Church really teach about same-sex attraction? Is there a place in the Church for men and women who experience same-sex attraction? How do we support them with the love of Christ and in the full truth of the Gospel? Fr. Nathan Reesman will address these and other questions as Chaplain of […]


End of Life: Caring for the Human Person While Preparing the Soul

St. Mary’s Elm Grove Parish WI, United States

Mass at 6:00 pm, followed by a presentation by Dr. Sister Edith Mary Hart, RSM, DO: End of Life: Caring for the Human Person While Preparing the SoulDownload the PDF flyer to print: Here As faithful Catholics, we know that death will come to each of us and to those we love sooner or later.  […]

Ballpark day of Faith at American Family Field

American Family Field 1 Brewers Way, Milwaukee, WI, United States

Please consider joining members of the CMA-Milwaukee Guild for the - Ballpark Day of Faith on Sunday, June 26th! This is more than just a tailgate. This is more than just a baseball game. It's a chance to share a day of beauty and joy with friends and family where the sacred meets the secular. […]

Healing the Psychologic Trauma of Today’s Elite College Students

Christ King Parish Wauwatosa, WI, United States

Why is anxiety and depression increasing among college students-especially among those at higher-ranked institutions? What is making young people with the greatest talents and best opportunities so anxious? Fr. Eric Nielsen will attempt to address these questions based on his 15 years of experience ministering to the University of Wisconsin-Madison college students. Mass 9:00 am […]


Lenten Reflection with Chaplain, Fr. Philip Schumaker

Immaculate Conception Parish 1023 E. Russell Ave, Milwaukee, WI, United States

A Holy Ash Wednesday and season of Lent to you. Once again, this year the Milwaukee Guild is hosting a morning of Lenten Reflection with our chaplain, Fr. Philip Schumaker at his parish, Immaculate Conception. The morning will begin with time for Confession and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, followed by Mass at 8:45. A simple […]


Defeating Assisted Suicide Webinar

Please set aside one hour on Monday, January 17 at 7pm EST to learn more how you can defeat assisted suicide. Guest speakers include Alex Schadenberg, Executive Director of Euthanasia Prevention Coalition and Attorney Sarah Buscher, Chair of EPC-USA. Click HERE to register. Please spread the word by e-mail and social media and set aside an hour […]